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BLACKER-YARNS-LOGO-150NFC-logo-blackDie Firma Blacker Yarns aus Cornwall in England spinnt Wolle in kleinen Partien von englischen Schafsrassen. Dadurch wird die Vielfalt der verschiedenen Fasertypen unterstrichen. Jede Partie ist einzigartig und sicherlich ursprünglich!

Der Vorteil von Blacker Yarns liegt in der Nachhaltigkeit, mit der diese Wolle produziert wird. Das fängt bei der Schafhaltung an und geht weiter mit einem umweltverträglichen Spinn- und Färbeverfahren, bis die Wolle auf den Markt kommt. Die Firma stellt alle Waren mit dieser Überzeugung her.

Mit der neuen Qualität "Swan" wird ein Joint Venture mit einer falkländischen Schafsfarm betrieben. Die Qualität der Wolle ist hervorragend.

Manx/Mohair DK knitting yarn

Following the success of our mohair blend with Jacob wool, we have introduced a parallel version with Manx. Adding mohair makes a softer yarn in both shade and handle but retains the character of the rare Manx. Available in DK and 4-ply.

The Manx Loagthan is a particularly striking sheep, some having up to six horns. Their fleeces are mid to dark brown but bleach to cream at the tips in the sun, so the colour can range from a full brown to a softer, deeper and more varied shade.

Alone the Manx is probably more suitable for outer wear, but the mohair makes it much softer.

Pure Dark Wensleydale worsted spun DK knitting yarn

Wensleydales and Teeswaters are perhaps the aristocrats of the sheep breed world. Tall and elegant with long lustrous ringlets of wavy fleece, they are also among the finest fibres of the English breeds. Only a few are dark in colour so this yarn will be quite rare outside of the hand-spinning world.

So we have worsted spun to get the best benefit from the lustre, for a lovely stylish yarn suitable for fine knitting,

Pure Teeswater DK worsted knitting yarn

The rare Teeswater sheep has been around in Teesdale, County Durham for over 200 years. While it resembles (but pre-dates) the Wensleydale, there are differences, such as a much darker nose and ears. The wool is long, lustrous, wavy and fine.

As a large sheep, Teeswater rams have been used for crossing with hill ewes, as with the Blue-faced Leicester further south and west. The Masham, the half-bred breed derived from the Teeswater ram and local ewes is the result.

We have worsted spun to further improve the softness of this fine and lustrous fibre. The result is lean, smooth, soft and luscious!

Pure Alpaca Natural White DK Worsted Spun Knitting Yarn

Smooth and soft, lean and elegant - pure alpaca - what more is there to say? Available in natural shades of truly luxurious 4-ply, DK and Chunky yarn

Campscott Organic Pure Shetland DK knitting yarn
They produce white wool from Friesland/Dorsets and Llanwenogs, and more recently dark grey from Zwartbles. Over the years their flock has produced a full range of tones, from a marbled white to dark brown.
Today, the Campscott fleece is processed to Global Organic Textile Standard by the Natural Fibre Company, now a considerably shorter journey away in Cornwall


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